Lights. Camera. Elevated.

LED Displays

My LED display services will elevate your event and enhance brand visibility.


Experienced in a variety of cameras, media servers, switchers, projectors and LED screens. 

Concert Visuals

My technical prowess and eye for video enables music professionals to make impactful impressions.

Always On the Look-out for the Next Gig

Strengths Include
Stage and Production

Tours Include:

Eric Church, Stevie Nicks & Bad Bunny

When your stories matter, we tell it your way



Long ago, visual experiences were limited to stage videoing and filming. Now, we bring the experience to you, wherever you are.


When you’re in need of a professional LED technician for world tours, touring cameraman, Concert Video specialist, Live-event cameraman, or a Live-show lighting technician for touring video production and event videography services, we’re the right choice to bring your stories to life.


Because we bring a fresh perspective and a wealth of expertise in touring, marketing, and video. Our results are a series of captivating visual narratives that engage, inspire, and leave a lasting impact.

From the pulsating beats of EDC and Day N Vegas to the vibrant energy of Autotistic and Rolling Load, Kyle’s been there, camera in hand, capturing moments and crafting experiences. Oh, and if you’ve ever laughed out loud watching “Ridiculousness,” you’ve seen his handiwork too – that mesmerizing LED Screen behind the set? Yep, that’s Kyle’s masterpiece.


Living life on the road has not only given him a suitcase full of memories but also a wealth of knowledge that only comes from being part of phenomenal productions and shows. But here’s the thing: Kyle’s not just looking to be another name in the credits. He’s on a mission. A mission to expand his horizons, grow his network, and ultimately, create a legacy in the music touring industry. He envisions a future where he’s not just picking the best gigs but also bringing together a talented team, creating a vast web of professionals who share his passion.


So, if you’re in the biz and looking for a connection, give Kyle a shout. He’s more than just a freelance cameraman and LED technician; he’s a visionary on a journey. And who knows? You might just be the next big name on his tour list!

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