I’m hitting the Road Again with Stevie Nicks but Seeking New Horizons

Exciting news from the Web By Jones camp—I’m thrilled to announce that I’ll be joining the legendary Stevie Nicks on tour once again! This journey marks another milestone in my career, bringing with it the magic of live music and unforgettable performances. But that’s not all; the road ahead has room for more adventures, and I’m looking to fill some gaps in my schedule with new opportunities.

Reflecting on past tours, each show with Stevie Nicks has been a masterclass in performance and production. From handling intricate production details to managing the dynamic needs of live shows, these experiences have honed my skills in ways only touring can. As I prepare to embark on this next tour, I’m filled with anticipation for the stories I’ll create and the music I’ll bring to life.

While the tour schedule is packed with excitement, there are still some gaps in my calendar that I’m eager to fill. Whether it’s freelance work in production management, teleprompting, or even exploring new roles within the live event sphere, I’m open to various collaborations. My journey has always been about growth, learning, and embracing new challenges. If you’re looking for someone with a diverse skill set, a passion for live events, and a proven track record, let’s talk.

The road with Stevie Nicks promises to be an exhilarating one, but the journey doesn’t end there. I’m looking forward to not only the shows but also the opportunities to collaborate and create in the spaces between. If you have a project that could use a seasoned professional with a unique blend of skills, reach out. Let’s make the most of the moments ahead.

Got an upcoming project or need an experienced hand? Contact me here or drop me an email. Let’s explore how we can work together to create something unforgettable.