Music has been in the Jones Bros Music lives. Since we can remember, everything we’ve done has been centered around music. For Kyle and Quinn Jones the talent never lied within our fingers on each of the instruments we tried out. But that only gave us more appreciation for the artists we followed.

As we grew older our lives were still always centered around music. Now it’s time to put our professional skill sets together to combine to make a company musicians can trust.

Our goal is to pair up people, ideas, visions, businesses and venues partners. The website will serve as the breeding ground to connect people with who could help them best.

We’re excellent at having a big picture understanding of everything and determining how to accomplish that task through partnership and delegation, specifically with an intense passion for music.

We can make an album cover, produce the sound, find the singer they need for their vocal tracks, pair with other musicians, find a record label, get featured on a podcast, publish an album, build a stage, make a sick led wall. We aren’t the best at any of it, but we know who is and we can get you in touch.

A lot of our inspiration comes from Freedom Church

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